What is Part P and the insurance backed warranty?

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I'm registered with NICEIC, the leading supplier of registered installers able to self-certify that their domestic electrical work complies with the building regulations of England and Wales.

What's more I can provide you with the confidence that my installation work is covered by an insurance backed warranty.

The government requires all registered installers to offer an insurance-backed warranty to their customers. NICEIC have gone one better and insist that a warranty is mandatory on all notified domestic electrical installation work carried out by NICEIC Domestic Installers.

The warranty lasts for a period of six years from the date of completion of the work. The purpose of the warranty is to protect you, should any work I carry out not comply with the building regulations and I am no longer in business to undertake the necessary remedial work.

Full details of the cover provided by the policy and any exclusions can be found on the NICEIC website. Please go to my useful links page or visit www.niceic.com/ibw

As I am registered with NICEIC, you are covered under the NICEIC's complaints procedure.

A sample of my work is assessed annually by NICEIC to confirm my work continues to meet the requirements of Part P.

I've chosen to be registered with the leader in promoting electrical safety to the customer.

If you have any questions about the insurance- backed warranty, I'm happy to try and answer them for you. Alternatively you can call NICEIC on 0870 013 0382 or again visit their website.

You can also find my details on NICEIC website by entering my business name (Jeff Patrick Electrical Ltd) or registration number (D110 878) in the contractor search facility.

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